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Air tube headset differ from its conventional counterpart. It provides a different medium for sound to travel from the device to your ears. The headsets that come with your iPhone or Galaxy device feature wired connections. Due to these wired connections, your head is excessively exposed to EMF radiation.

Unlike the traditional counterpart, an air tube headset comes with a flexible and hollow tube replacing the wire. Sound travels from the device to your ears through this tube. The risks associated with EMF radiations are significantly reduced with the help of these air tubes. Furthermore, you don’t have to compromise on sound quality as well.

One of the primary objectives of using a headset is to keep the phone away from your head during use. It reduces the EMF radiation exposure to a great deal. However, such a headset takes protection to another level and keeps your brain safe against any harmful radiation.

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In this post, we will learn about various aspects associated with air tube headsets. We will also provide you with a list of best air tubes that money can buy.

So let’s get going then!

What Do Air Tube Headsets Mean?

Air tube headsets come with hollow air tubes that are flexible. You won’t find a wire in these headsets. The sound will only travel from your device to your ears through these hollow tubes. You will get the quality of the sound as you expect from a good quality headphone. But in addition to that, you will also keep yourself safe from the harmful EMF radiations that your device emits due to the cellular signals.

Now, the traditional headphones do expose you to these radiations up to some extent. Everyone uses phones on daily basis and even through wired headphones you are still exposed to the effects of radiation in the long run. To prevent all this you should choose an air tube headset.

How Do Air Tube Headsets Work?

As mentioned above, even with wired headsets you are exposed to EMF radiations.

The reason behind that is the metallic wires used in these headsets have a tendency to work as an antenna and attracts plenty of EMFs. Your brain will be on the receiving end of all these radiations which increases the risk of exposure.

The hollow air tubes will allow the sound to travel from your phone or tablet to your ears with the help of sound waves.

The Advantage of an Air Tube Headsets

The most prominent advantage of the air tube headsets is that they keep you safe from EMF exposure.

Your cell phones, tablets, and computers are a beacon of EMF radiations. Now, most people use wired headsets precisely to lower the exposure risks of these radiations. However, most of them don’t know that the wired headsets have metal in them. For this reason, they have a tendency to conduct the EMF radiation from the device to your ears and ultimately to your brain. It means that if you use wired headsets then you are even more exposed to these radiations.

With an air tube headset, you can keep your device further away from your head keeping you safe from the exposure.

Another positive aspect associated with these air tube headphones is that you don’t have to compromise on sound quality either.

The air tube headsets can produce a very good sound. It means that you can enjoy a good quality sound without jeopardizing your health.

Downsides of Air Tube Headsets

Despite the huge advantage of these air tube headsets, they also come with some downsides as well. These are listed below,

  • The sound quality of the air tube headsets is not going to outclass your iPhone or Mac headphones. However, if you are comparing them with your average pair then there is not much of a difference in the sound output.
  • Durability is one of the major concerns regarding an air tube headset. The traditional or wired headsets have metallic wires. On the other hand, the air tube headsets come with flexible tubes that are a lot more fragile. You don’t want to kink the tube or you will damage it.
  • There is a hassle involved in folding an air tube. It is a lot more difficult than a wire. Using any type of headset is a bit of a hassle and for this reason, you need to keep these headsets near you to answer or make phone calls instantly.

Why Would You Need An Air Tube Headset?

If you understand the radiation exposures and their effects in the long run then you need air tube headsets. Cell phones and all other electronic devices expose you to EMF radiations. For this reason, you need to invest in a good quality air tube headset.

Research has proved that EMF radiations can easily travel from your device to your head due to metallic wires of a conventional headset. Air tube headsets put some distance between your head and the device. For this reason, it is able to prevent much of the radiations to travel into your brain.

What to consider before choosing the best air tube headset?

There is a huge list of brands that have their air tube headsets on offer. Choosing which one is the right option for you can become a little irksome if you don’t know what to look for.

Therefore, we have developed this brief buying guide for your assistance.

#1 – Size

Size is an important factor if you are looking for portability. It is very difficult to store a large-sized headset but this headset will also produce an exceptional sound.

Therefore it is up to you whether you want to go for portability or just prefer a headset that produces sensational sound.

#2 – Sound quality

Just like the speakers, different headsets also emphasize different sounds and varying aspects of the audio spectrum. In addition to that, you might also prefer one sound over the other. You can verify the sound quality by trying them before buying.

If you are looking to purchase online then make sure to go through the return policies of your online retailer.

#3 – Design or type

With the passage of time, manufacturers have recognized that people now understand the risks factors associated with wired headsets. Therefore, they have started to produce different types of air tube headsets including on-ear, over-ear and in-ear.

In addition to that, you can also opt for other important features such as noise cancellation etc. 

#4 – Inbuilt mic

With innovation, manufacturers integrate even more features in their products. Similar is the case with air tube headsets. You can opt for a piece that comes with an inbuilt mic. The microphone is going to be very helpful in making and answering calls on the go.

However, if you just want to listen to music you can buy a piece without a microphone too.

#5 – Cord type and length

Another one of the important features to consider here is the type and length of the cord of an air tube headset. Most of the air tube headsets will come with standard cord length. Nevertheless, you can also find longer cords if you want.

The cord type is also varying in recent times. There is one type of cord with the standard shape that we are familiar with. The other type of cord is the noodle-shaped that prevents the cord from tangling.

Who Should Buy It?

If you use your cell phone a lot during a day then you should buy an air tube headset. Apart from your cell phone, you can also use these headsets with other devices such as laptops or tablets or even MP3 players because these headsets come with a standard 3.5mm jack. The primary objective is to keep your device as far as possible from your head.

However, you do need to understand some facts. If you buy an air tube headset, it doesn’t mean that your cell phone or tablet has become safe for you to use as much as you can. These headsets will only make the devices safer. Buying such a headset also doesn’t mean that you can start using your devices like crazy.

Difference between a regular headset and an air tube headset

In terms of function, there is not much difference between an air tube headset and its traditional counterpart. Nevertheless, in terms of operation, these two differ a lot. The traditional headsets feature metallic wires in them. This means that sound travels through the wires of metal from your cellphone to your ears.

On the other hand, air tube headsets are designed to keep your head safe from EMF exposure. For this reason, the part with metallic wires end up halfway through and it doesn’t go all the way up to your ears. The other part features flexible and hollow tubes through which sound waves travel to the earpiece. This has a very little negative impact on the sound quality but it keeps you safe from the exposure too.

Best Air Tube Headsets Review 

#1. Airtube headphones by Defendershield

  • Bluetooth version: N/A
  • Waterproof: No
  • Sound quality: Excellent
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Sound isolating: Excellent

defendershield-emf-radiation-free-air tube headphones


The Defendershield headsets are the best headset, which uses the air tube to deliver the superior fidelity sound through built-in enhanced speakers. This headset has hollow tubes that increase space intended for audio development, creating more body, and distributing a vibrant sound. You can enjoy a muffler-free chat with your family or friends. You can experience to enjoy music with highs or lows fidelity and enjoy podcasts without any kind of distortion.

Additionally, if you are very health conscious and uses your headset frequently then this product should be your first preferences. You will feel protected peace of mind due to EMP radiation-free headset. There is no use of metal conductor in the earpieces and air tube of the headphone, which removes exposure of EMF radiation. The end-caps of the earpiece is made of magnetic that gives an easy and quick way to clip your headsets around the neck.        


  • It is highly flexible and lightweight headset.
  • This headset equipped with a hands-free microphone, on/off, and play/stop buttons.
  • The large, medium and small rubber earpieces provide a comfort and custom fit.
  • It removes all EMP radiation and delivers high-quality


  • It is only compatible with 3.5mm audio devices.
  • It is an expensive option for you.

#2. Anti-Radiation Headset by Tuisy

  • Bluetooth version: N/A
  • Waterproof: No
  • Sound quality: Better
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Sound isolating: Good

Tuisy Air Tube Headset - Anti-Radiation Headphones


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) certifies the Tuisy headset that uses Air tube anti-radiation technology. This technology perfectly minimizes the EMF radiation about 99.9% to protect you from insomnia, tumor, headache, skin inflammation, and other related diseases. You can also answer the calls with this headset with clear sound. 

Furthermore, the function of triplex anti-radiation makes it different from other products because traditional earphones did not offer this function. The magnetic are places in earpieces and metal shield line stops the lofty frequency of electromagnetic wave during transmission to presents anti-radiation effects that will not affect your brain.           


  • It is ideal for kids, office workers, pregnant because it protects your health from multiple diseases such as a headache, tumor, insomnia etc.
  • The Carbon Fiber is used as a case to provide easy storing, which also increases the reliability and durability.
  • You can hang up and answer the phone call with only one button operation.
  • It is fully compatible with 3.5mm audio devices.


  • It is not suitable for those people who are sound fanciers and demanding a high-quality

#3. Air Tube Headset by KINDEN

  • Bluetooth version: N/A
  • Waterproof: No
  • Sound quality: Average
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Sound isolating: Excellent

KINDEN Binaural Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headset with Mic


The KINDEN presents the 99.9% radiation-free headsets, which are equipped with a dual-sonic concentrator, the air tube, metal shield wire, and metal cavity with no magnetic field radiation. You can experience a clear conversation with your friends and enjoy perfect sound because it has noise canceling rubber on the ear tips and high-performance microphone.

Moreover, this is suitable for all type of people such as pregnant women, kids, sleep, sports, and much more. The anti-drop unique earpieces give a secure and comfortable fitting in your ear. The manufacturer uses the CTIA port that makes it compatible with 3.5mm audio devices such as notebook, smartphones, desktop computer, tablets etc.      


  • The company gives you risk fee limited 06 months guarantee.
  • It comes with 99.9% radiation reduction that makes it suitable for children.
  • The enhanced air tube and dual external metal speakers help to filter the radiation to protect your health from brain, skin, hearing, and eyes diseases.
  • It offers 20HZ-20KHZ frequency range and cable length is about 132cm.


  • The earpieces are not staying on your ear for a longer time.
  • It does not produce good sound quality at loud volume.

#4. Anti-Radiation Headphones by RadiArmor

  • Bluetooth version: N/A
  • Waterproof: No
  • Sound quality: Good
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Sound isolating: Average

RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones with Mic


The RadiArmor designed the headset by lessening EMF radiation at a negligible level. It equipped with the built-in volume button, microphone, and call-answering button as well. It is compatible with those audio devices that have a 3.5mm audio jack. Recently, the manufacturer updates it with dual 8mm driver that gives accurate stereo sound.

In addition to that, the shielded wire and use of air tube technology help to attain 99.9% radiation reduction in typical cell phones and 97% radiation reduction in ordinary headphones. Recent 2018 update presents new features such as enhanced speakers, more compact, volume buttons, and use of magnesium alloy presents lighter earpieces.        


  • The RadiArmor headsets give you all day comfort and comprise of two sizes of silicone tips.
  • It has a long and tangle-free cord that permits you to keep it in your bag or pocket easily while in use.
  • You can enjoy a hassle-free 01-year warranty.


  • The durability and reliability of the RadiArmor headset are
  • It does not work with Siri properly.

#5. Blue Tube Headset by Dr. Mercola 

  • Bluetooth version: N/A
  • Waterproof: No
  • Sound quality: Excellent
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Sound isolating: Average

Dr Mercola Blue Tube Air Headset Radiation Free Metal Binaural Earbuds Earphone with Mic


The Dr. Mercola constructs the blue tube headset that is made of the combination of anti-radiation technology such as hollow and air-filled tubes. This combination delivers the high-quality sound from chest to the ear and helps to prevent you from EMF radiations. You can simply use this headset and move our cell phone effectively that minimizes the exposure to radiation.

However, it comes with 3.5mm jack that makes it fully compatible with Android, Apple, Windows, and other smartphones and tablets. Dr. Mercola uses the enhanced Acoustic technology to deliver wave-based sound and prevent you from radiation-based communication. The additional ergonomic positioning and internal wiring system reduce the distortion and feedback.        


  • The enhanced Aircom technology keeps the radiation at the minimum level to protect your health.
  • You can enjoy cleared sound with louder volume due to built-in enhanced speakers.
  • It is easily fitting any size ear because it comes with large, medium, and small sizes.
  • In the air tube, there is no use of metal conductors, which can boost radiation.


  • There is no button for answering or hanging up the call.
  • It is not equipped with volume control buttons.

#6. Air Tube Earphones by Docooler

  • Bluetooth version: N/A
  • Waterproof: No
  • Sound quality: Batter
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Sound isolating: Poor

Docooler Anti-radiation  Air Tube Earphone


The Docooler uses multiple functions that are radiation free such as sonic dual concentrator, the air tube, metal cavity with no radiation field, and metal shielded wire. These functions help to attain 98% radiation reduction and make it perfectly suitable for all people like children, pregnant women etc. You can hang up and answer the call easily while using this headset during exercise and other activities.

In addition, it has function buttons that allow you to control the music easily. The use of leatherette makes the earmuffs are skin-friendly and soft, which is comfortable to wear as well as can insulate the sound greatly around you. It uses the international standard port as a CTIA port, which comes with a superior quality 3.5mm jack for the audio device.        


  • Multiple radiation free functions are uses to accomplish a 98% radiation reduction headset, which is suitable for all.
  • You can use this headset with multiple 3.5mm audio devices such as notebook, iPhone, smartphone, Samsung, mp3/mp4 players, tablets and much more.
  • This comes with high-performance speaker and microphone that is available at an affordable price.
  • The cable wire of this headset has 132cm and offers 20HZ-20KHZ frequency range.


  • The durability and reliability of this product are
  • The 21g weight makes it heavy headset that does not fit on the ear for a longer time.

#7. Air tube headset by Tauki

  • Bluetooth version: N/A
  • Waterproof: No
  • Sound quality: Excellent
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Sound isolating: Poor

Tauki Airtube Technology Anti Radiation Headphones


The Tauki Air-tube headsets are designed by using the Tauki’s signature air tube technology that acts as a buffer. This buffer helps to prevent any kind of radiation and other wireless energy that comes from your cell phone. You can feel healthy and protected simultaneously while using this headset.

Moreover, it equipped with small ultra-sleek speakers and ultra-comfort buds to enhance the comfort level during wearing it. You can enjoy EMF free conversation with your friends and family. The use of the CTIA standard international port makes it fully compatible with 3.5mm jack audio devices such as smartphones, tablets, mp3/mp4 players, desktop computers and much more.      


  • The superior construction presents a durable and stylish air tube headset.
  • It is accessible in four different colors such as gorgeous gold, rose gold, jet-black, and metallic silver.
  • The company gives you risk-free 15-days guarantee.
  • The Tauki Air tube technology allows you to enjoy EMF free communication with your friends.


  • There is an adopter required for iPhone7 and newer models.


Because there is no involvement of metallic wires, air tube headsets reduce the risk of cancer-causing radiations from your electronic devices.  With the increased use of smartphones and tablets these days, the importance of using air tube headsets has increased. These headphones emphasize keeping your heads away from the phones as much as possible.

However, you must also keep an eye on your usage as well. Buying an air tube headset doesn’t mean that you have acquired the license of using your phone or tablet all the time. This headset only makes your device safer to use and not entirely safe. Though investing in a good quality air tube headset will significantly lower the exposure to electromagnetic pollution.

A little issue with these headsets is that the sound is not as good as their wired counterparts. We do understand that you are not going to get that crystal clear sound when it comes to air tube headsets. But which one should you prefer: compromising on sound quality or compromising on your well being?

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