Creative Ideas for Wedding Photo Booth Props

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fWedding photo booth props are a fun and unique way to add flair to your most anticipated day.

From silly masks, signs, and oversized glasses to wooden stick props and quirky wigs – this guide covers the countless options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for something playful and elegant or want to experiment with DIY crafts for a more personalized touch, you’ll learn how to let your creativity soar with these clever ideas for wedding photo booth props.

Photo Booth Props To Match Every Theme

Credit: Nik Solohub

When it comes to choosing props for your photo booth setup, you may want to consider the wedding theme, your style, or the vibe that you want to create.

Some couples opt for custom-made props that mirror their interests and hobbies. Others prefer classic options that don’t follow a specific theme but are tried and tested to add a fun element to photos.

Check out these common types of photo booth props that match popular wedding themes.

What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Photo Booth Props?

Wooden signboards, stick props, wigs, and costumes are some of the most common and easy-to-find photo booth props you can use on your wedding day.

Balloons, faux flowers, and other decorative elements made of paper or woodwork are classic options, too.

But if you’re resourceful enough, you can also use readily available items at home, like unused wine bottles, picture frames, and old books.

Popular Themes to Match Wedding Photo Booth Props

A bride and groom pose in front of a steampunk photo booth.

Rustic Steampunk Photobooth. Credit: The Looking Glass Photo Booth, CC BY 2.0 DEED, Flickr.

Famous wedding photo booth themes range from classic and rustic to elegant and modern. Here are other popular wedding booth themes:

  • Beach
  • Garden
  • Whimsical or fairytale
  • Glamorous
  • Vintage
  • Minimalist

For example, boho wedding props like dream catchers and floral accessories will compliment your garden, summer wedding, or coastal setup.

Incorporating sea elements like seashells, faux starfishes, beach hats, and nautical-themed props will make your wedding booth stand out, too.

Aside from thematic props, timeless props like oversized sunglasses, silly hats, and paper mustaches on sticks never fail to delight guests of all ages.

They’re affordable, accessible online or at local stores – and you can even craft your own.

Easy And Unique Wedding Photo Booth Prop Ideas To Try

Whether you’re following a specific theme, are on a budget, or are planning to experiment, these prop ideas are worth trying.

DIY And Customizable Wedding Photo Booth Props


Draw inspiration from these DIY wedding booth prop ideas fit for all genders:

1. Speech Bubbles

Speech bubble props are photo booth staples your guests can use to express their thoughts and personalities. You can make one with cardboard or print out premade speech bubbles from Etsy.

A chalkboard speech bubble your guests can customize with their messages works, too.

2. Paper Flowers

If you have a knack for paper crafts, you can turn tissue, cardstock paper, and even recycled paper into delicate paper flowers. They also make memorable keepsakes for your guests to take home.

3. Personalized Signs, Banners, and Sashes

Wooden or cardboard wedding photo booth signs – with your name and wedding date or any special message of your choice – are simple but meaningful props that never go out of style.

At the same time, colorful and sparkly satin sashes or banners with your wedding date also make meaningful booth elements.

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4. Hashtags Signs

Be it #TeamBride, #TeamGroom, or #CameForTheCake, quirky hashtag signs made with cardboard can add a playful touch to your booth.

Take it a step further by printing different hashtag signs to cater to your guests’ interests and personalities.

Funny Wedding Photo Booth Props

A woman smiling and holding up peace sign.

Credit: Tubarones Photography

Are you going for a classic wedding photo booth?

If so, why not add wacky props to your photo booth to add more life to your wedding reception and bring out the playful side of your guests?

Posing with animal ear headbands, bright-colored wigs, and character masks will surely result in laughter-filled photo booth snaps.

You should also consider funny printable wedding memes and signs with puns for a comedic wedding reception atmosphere.

Cut-Out Frame Wedding Photo Booth Props


This popular wedding booth trend lets your guests pop through a large, cut-out frame like a work of art come to life.

Depending on your theme or personal taste, popular wedding selfie frame options range from heart-shaped to floral-themed, social media posts, and polaroid-style frames.

You can also customize these frames with your official wedding hashtag, names, and wedding date for a personal touch.

Whimsical And Elegant Wedding Photo Booth Props

A woman wearing a mask and holding a stick.

Credit: Vika Glitter

If you lean more toward the glamorous and sophisticated side, props like tiaras, masquerade masks, faux fur, and everything glittery will add a splash of glitz to your photo booth.

On the other hand, fairy wings, flower crowns, and an angel’s halo are great prop options that match a whimsical or garden-themed wedding reception.

Vintage Wedding Photo Booth Props

If you’re going for an early ’90s Hollywood theme or a blast from the past setup, you can repurpose unused household items and incorporate decorative accents to make them look old-fashioned.

For example, you can paint old picture frames with antique gold, bronze, or silver paint and turn them into handheld photo props.

An old telephone will make an “old but gold statement” too. You can also scour thrift stores for vintage hats and retro eyewear that guests can wear for a hint of glamor and nostalgia.

More items include old leather suitcases and analog cameras that can turn your wedding booth into a vintage-themed haven.

How Do You Make A Photo Booth Unique?

Choosing the right light conditions and wedding decor can add depth and detail even to the shabbiest wall.

For example, you can bring life to your photo booth backdrop by adding decorative elements such as flowers, makeshift clouds, and fairy lights.

Macrame curtains, metallic foil curtains, and balloon installations are excellent backdrop elements, too. You can also throw in some confetti to add a magical effect to your photo booth photos.

When it comes to lighting elements, using a diffused and warm lighting source creates a cozy and glowy atmosphere on images.

But if you want a more vibrant feel or a pop of color, you can never go wrong with colored LEDs and string lights.

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