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CS:GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the famous online First Person Shooter (FPS) games that millions of people are playing nowadays. Due to its popularity, the competition among the players is very strong. But, for a lot of gamers, having a powerful gaming computer with the best gaming keyboard and mouse and an HD screen is enough to play the game. And, when it comes to sound, they are okay with some average PC speakers that will only produce sound to let the best CS:GO player know that they are present.

However, if you really want to win this game, then honestly speaking, you need a pair of best headset for CS:GO that are specially designed for an outstanding gaming experience. The best gaming headset allows you to hear even the minute sounds such as muffled footsteps that are not possible to hear with normal PC speakers. They can be a game changer in tough situations and enhance the chances of winning the game.

If you are looking forward to buying the best gaming headset for CS:GO, then you’re going to move a step ahead to become a winner. With countless numbers of headsets available in the CS:GO market, it is difficult to decide which one will suit you the best, but a little research won’t be a miss. Before you go ahead, you need to know the benefits of headset for CS:GO. In this guide, we are going to tell how a pair of headset enhances CS:GO performance.

How headsets increase CS:GO performance?

1) It allows the gamer to hear minutest sounds

Sound plays a vital role in the best FPS games. That is why a headset for CS:GO are designed by keeping the soundstage at the top of the priority list. Soundstage refers to the ability of headset to produce spacious sounds that are coming from different directions. It helps you to locate your enemy; it makes it easier for you to determine from where, at what height and what speed someone is coming close to you and you can act as per the situation to win the game.

2) It provides the gamer utmost comfort

Many gamers play for 1-2 hours whereas hardcore gamers play for 12-hours. It is not easy to wear an uncomfortable pair of headphones over the ears for a long time. However, gaming headsets for CS:GO are made up of comfortable and lightweight material that put very less pressure on your head and ear. As a result, they won’t irritate your ears even after hours of playing which will eventually enhance your performance.

3) Its microphone allows you to hear your team member’s voice

When playing in groups, it is crucial to make coordination with your teammates. Otherwise, you can lose your game even if you’re not faulty. The best headset for CS: GO allow you to have a clean, precise sound that’s easy to understand. Apart from this, it has a built-in noise cancelation feature which can efficiently remove the background noise and make your conversation easy. Hence, buying a good pair of headset can significantly enhance your performance.

These are the reasons you need to buy the best gaming headset for CS:GO. Currently, there are several brands of headsets available in the market. Out of those selecting one is a very difficult task. How will you decide what headset is best for CS:GO? Well, you need to know the factors you should look for when buying a headset for CS:GO. In this guide, we are going to tell things to consider when buying a headset for CS:GO.

What to look for when choosing headsets for CS:GO?

In past wired headsets were used by the gamers, but with the advancement in technology, wireless headsets have become popular in recent years. However, which one you will choose, it depends on your choice. Wired headsets are inexpensive as compared to the wireless headsets whereas wireless headsets need to recharge again and again. Hence, if you are on a tight budget, wired headsets are the best-budget gaming headsets. And, if budget is not a constraint and you have no issue of recharging the battery, you can buy wireless headsets.

  • USB vs. 3.5mm jack connector

Every headset requires a connector to transmit the audio signals. Most of the gaming headsets use the 3.5mm jack to connect the devices, but this connector has limited bandwidth and can transmit a limited amount of power. However, the headsets that are equipped with LED lighting require more power than the 3.5mm jack can’t provide. That is why they use a USB connector, but this connector can’t be used with mobile devices. Hence, decide which connector will suit you the best before buying a pair of headset.

The next thing that you should look for is the mic. The best headsets have a good quality mic that is ideal for noise canceling. When playing in groups, external noise can impact your performance. But with good microphones, no extra noise will reach your teammate’s ears expect the crucial information by you during gameplay. Hence, it is recommended to find the headset with a noise-canceling microphone before making the final decision.

Another most crucial factor to consider when buying the best gaming headset for CS:GO is sound quality. You are buying a headset because you want to hear even minute noises. If your headset is not capable of delivering high-quality noise, then there is no use of buying a headset. Hence, before buying a headset, make sure it produces the high-resolution sound that lets you hear every small sound as well.

In order to accompany the gamer during long hours of play, a headset must be comfortable to wear. The design of its rollbars, pads and microphones should be ergonomic in nature because you need to adjust them as per your head size and requirements. It should not put more pressure on your head. It should be lightweight so that you won’t feel any pain in your ear or head after wearing it for long hours.

Apart from the above factors, you can consider its price, design, frequency range, durability, material, etc. But, don’t buy very cheap gaming headsets; otherwise, you have to compromise on their material quality, durability and sound quality. And, if you compromise on sound and material quality, there will be no use of buying a pair of headset for CS:GO.

    While these were the factors you can consider when buying best headsets for PC CS:GO, if you are still unable to decide which one will suit you the best, then we are going to review top gaming headsets of 2019. So, without wasting much time, let’s have a look at the top headsets for CS:GO.

    Top 3 gaming headset for CS:GO

    #1- N11 Gaming Headset for CS:GO

    If you are a big fan of CS:GO, then it’s the best cheap headphones for CS:GO to play on any gaming device bet, be a smartphone, PC or any other gaming console. It’s simple and elegant design will make you fall in love with this best surround headphone present in the market instantly. The headphones don t disappoints in providing high-quality sound which will increase your gaming experience because its 50mm large unit lays more emphasis on sound performance and clarity. The headphone has a great quality microphone with sound canceling feature so that the communication is loud and clear. It can be easily adjusted as per your requirement because it is designed in such a way that the customers get the best and comfortable experience while talking in whatever position they like. It is built with high-quality material if we compare the similar products in this price range. After using it, you will realize that it is far better in terms of adjustability, skin friendly and lot more. If you have a low budget, but like gaming, then N11 gaming headset is the perfect option to go for in this price range.

      Product Specification:

      • Driver: 50mm
      • Frequency Response: 0-20,000 Hz
      • Cable: 2.1m ± 0.15m
      • Microphone Type: Omni-directional
      • Impedance: 32 ohms ± 0.15%
      • Connector size: 3.5mm


      • It cost only $25.99 which is insane and getting gaming headset at this price range is impossible.
      • The design is really impressive in relation to price.
      • It produces a good sound, and even the small detailing is audible.


      • These are not compatible with Xbox One.
      • You will not be able to listen to chat audio and game audio at the same time.

      #2- K9 Gaming Headset for CS:GO

      k9 gaming headset for cs go

      This gaming headset is the perfect option for those who are passionate to play high-end games on different consoles. It is compatible with all the latest consoles like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo and the list continuous. The headsets come with powerful stereo sound with 50mm large driver unit making it the best cheap gaming headset this year. Except this, the built-in noise isolation microphones transmit natural quality sound while communicating. For all the gamers, it is the most comfortable headsets you can ever have while playing your favorite game. The over-ear pad gives complete space to ears to breath and the leather material used is skin friendly and doesn’t cause any kind of irritation while wearing. The build quality of the headsets gives a premium feel and look likes as expensive headsets. If you are looking for the best surround headphones for gaming, then K9 gaming headset is what you need.

        Product Specifications:

        • Driver: 50mm
        • Frequency Response: 0-20,000 Hz
        • Cable: 2.1m ± 0.15m
        • Microphone Type: Omni-directional
        • Impedance: 32 ohm
        • Connector size: 3.5mm


        • Its design is a pioneer to the headphone gaming industry.
        • The price is less in comparison to the quality.
        • Compactable with all the gaming consoles present in the market.
        • The driver conveys clean and clear bass which increase the gaming experience 100 times than any other gaming headphones in this price segment.


        • It gives a plastic feel while touching.
        • It is not very durable in comparison to other headsets.

        #3- HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset for CS:GO

        HyperX Cloud gaming headset for cs go 

        The HyperX Stinger gaming headset is the best budget gaming headset that is ideal for entry-level gamers. This attractively designed black colored headset has a plastic body which makes it a lightweight gaming headset. Its cable is protected with rubber coating. It comes with one extension that changes the 3-pin AUX to 22-pin AUX plugs. It comes with standard 3.5mm plugs (AUX); one plug for the headphone and one for the microphone. Its noise-canceling microphone can move in a vertical position which allows you to adjust as per your need.  Despite no in-line mute button, you can mute it by putting the microphone in a vertical position. Its sound quality allows you to have a high-end gaming experience. Its earpads are made of high-end material and can rotate in a 90-degree angle to provide you comfort. The headband is cushioning is soft and can fit any head size. Its 50mm directional drivers’ position sounds directly into the ear for offering high-quality sound and audio precision. It is one of the best HyperX headsets for CS:GO.

          Product Specifications:

          • Driver: 50mm
          • Frequency Response: 18-23,000 Hz
          • Audio Type: Stereo
          • Audio Control: On the headset
          • Frame Type: Steel Slider
          • Extension Cable: Dual 3.5mm
          • Microphone Type: Swivel
          • Weight: 275gm
          • Impedance: 16 ohm


          • Good build quality.
          • Offers good sound quality
          • Comfortable to wear for long hours
          • Affordable
          • Compatible with multi-platform
          • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
          • Lightweight


          • Non-detachable microphone
          • Sound quality could have been better


          These are the best headsets for CS:GO that you can choose to buy and have a high-end gaming experience with outstanding sound quality. This article is all about the benefits of gaming headset, how to buy gaming headset and top 3 gaming headsets of the year 2019. We hope this information is sufficient to entice you to buy the best gaming headsets for CS:GO. If you like this article, please share your comments below or if you have any query, please feel free to ask your question.

          All the best!


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