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Hi-Res Audio Headphones can give you the lowest level of frequency. They are innovatively designed to give you a surround sound effect at the comfort of your home. These audio headphones give you an amazing experience of listening to music if you:

  • Are critical about listening to music
  • Want rich sound quality
  • Want to enjoy the music to energize yourself to the fullest.

There are hundreds of hi-res audio headphones available in the market. It would be hard for you to choose the best ones. Below, we have compiled only the ones which give you the best sound performance and better frequency range.

If the term Hi-res audio is new to you, you’ll learn about what it is and why it gives you better sound quality.

Sit back and read through to choose the best Hi-Res Audio Headphones.

What is Hi-Res Audio Headphones?

So, you want to know what Hi-Res Audio Headphones are. Before learning about what the hi-res audio headphones are, you need to know about the technicalities of sound quality. Bit depth and sampling rate are two important measures of sound quality.

The sampling rate is the number of times a sample of the audio is taken. Bit depth depicts the number of time the audio takes a sample. The sampling rate and bit depth have a direct relationship. If the sampling rate and bit depth are high, you get hi-res audio. Hi-res audio headphones come in different formats, which are FLAC, MQA, and DSD.

The most popularly used format is FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). Hi-res audio files have never been easier to download and save. All hi-res audio files give you music, which is deeper, better, and rich.

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Does Hi-Res Audio Headphones sound better?

Hi-res audio is better than CD sound quality. Hi-res audio has more depth than the sound quality of a CD. The depth of a CD is 16 bits whereas the depth of a Hi-res audio is 24 bits. The more the depth of a sound is, the better the quality of the sound is. 

The more depth the sound has, the better the frequency is. The higher the frequency of the sound is, Hi-Res Audio headphones give more details to the music you are listening to. However, you should bear in mind that you need to have a device which has the ability to process hi-res audio files.

Not all devices are made to handle hi-res audios. There are certain headphones and earbuds which are specifically designed to give you hi-res audio sound.

If you love listening to classical music, you should buy classical music headphones to listen to the depth of the sound. Only the best Hi-Res Audio headphones UiiSii would allow you to listen to all the frequencies of the sound clearly.

The best Hi-Res Headphones UiiSii Comparison of Table

Our Top Picks of Best Hi-Res Headphones UiiSii

1.      Hi-905 HRA headphones

Best dual-driver headphones for listening to music: These headphones give you a balanced sound quality with strong bass and clear frequency levels

Hi-905 HRA headphones

Salient Features:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strong build quality
  • Built-in microphone
  • Perfectly fits your ear
  • High-frequency balanced armature
  • Hybrid Technology
  • Multiple-size ear tip

Product Review:

If you are looking for the best hi-res audio headphones which give you excellent tonal balance, you should buy Hi-905 dual dynamic hybrid balanced earphones. They possess hybrid technology, which gives you great sound clarity.

The speakers give you detailed mids, smooth highs, and deep bass. You can enjoy listening to your favorite song tracks by listening to every little detail of the music clearly. The Japan Audio Association recognizes it as one of the best hi-res audio headphones.

These headphones have their certification approval. The package of the headphones includes 1 earphone, 1 storage bag, 5 pairs of standby ear tips, and a manual.

So what is responsible for giving you high-resolution sound quality?

Uiisii905 comes with a dynamic driver who is responsible for giving you every little detail of the frequency. These headphones come with a balanced armature frequency diving technology, which gives you optimal sound clarity. They give you a true experience of listening to music in high-res audio format.


  • Lightweight and comfortable headphones which wrap around your ears easily
  • They give you a strong bass to enjoy music to the fullest
  • The built-in microphone allows you to talk to your friends and family
  • These headphones give you rich music details with the hybrid technology
  • The dual dynamic speakers give you sound clarity and precision.


  • The construction of the headphones is mediocre.


  • Are the headphones comfortable to wear?

It comes with a human auricle structure, which gives it an ergonomic design. The headphones become quite comfortable to wear. The easy to slip and fit design gives you natural-like music. The ear tips come in different sizes. You can choose the ones which are suitable for the shape of your ears.

  • What does having a certification of Japan Audio Association mean?

It means that the headphones meet the standards and regulations set by the Japan Audio Association. The Japan Audio Association has strictly prepared a guideline for Hi-res audio headphones to follow to maintain the quality.

It is difficult to get this certification from JAA. There are important requirements to meet, such as a microphone response of 40 kHz, and amplification performance of 40 kHz. They give a yellow and black logo to the devices which meet these standards.


If you are a critical listener of music and you are finicky about choosing the best hi-res headphones, you should get this pair. They give you natural-like sound quality, which soothes your ears.

2.       Uiisii DT800 Hi-Res Headphones

Best Comfortable Headphones: These headphones come with flexible ear flaps, which make them quite comfortable to wear while listening to music.

Uiisii DT800 Hi-Res Headphones

Salient Features:

  • Four dynamic drivers of these headphones give you outstanding sound performance.
  • Winner of China Electronic Audio Industry Association
  • The frequency range of the headphones is 10 to 40,000 Hz
  • Golden Ear Selection Award.
  • Gives you middle and high-frequency output with the two balanced armatures
  • Powerful bass with high-frequency accuracy

Product Review:

This is another innovative product offered by Uiisii. They give you amazing functionality and blend the sound of music perfectly. What makes these headphones different from the rest is they come with not two, not four but eight speakers.

The eight dynamic speakers of the headphones give you an amazing surround sound effect which you don’t even imagine. If it is hard for you to trust a pair of headphones, you should purchase Uiisii DT800 without any second thought.

These headphones won the China Electronic Audio Industry Association award. It also comes with the certification of the Japan Audio Association.

What if you wear them for long hours and don’t feel any pressure on your ears?

These headphones come with comfortable and convenient earflaps. They are soft and flexible, which do not put any pressure on your ears. You don’t feel any irritation. Without feeling hurt, you are able to keep the headphones on for long hours.



  • Comfortable ear flaps don’t put any stress on your ears.
  • They are quite stylish and super quality
  • The headphones are designed to give you noise-canceling sound


  • The chord is a bit uncomfortable.


  • Are these headphones durable?

Yes, they come with a strong built which makes them quite durable. These headphones come with a special vacuum coating technology which is responsible for keeping all the parts intact. They remain in place and don’t break easily.

  • Do they come with the noise-canceling feature?

Uiisii DT800 is authentic headphones which are designed to make your sound experience extraordinary. The speakers of the headphones come with PEEK composite diaphragm. The diaphragm does not allow the harsh external noise to bother you while listening to music. You are able to get the sound clarity you desire.


If you want to enhance your sound experience, these are the best headphones. The eight speakers give you the natural kind of sound quality you are looking for. These headphones are uniquely designed to give you the best sound performance.

3.      Uiisii C8 In-Ear Dual Dynamic

Best headphones for audio calls: These headphones come with dynamic drivers which give you optimal sound quality.

Uiisii C8 In-Ear Dual Dynamic

Salient Features:

  • A long-time comfortable fit to listen to music for hours
  • The high-definition coding chip gives you a real music experience
  • Optimal digital output without any loss of sound
  • Double-dynamic structure awakens your energy

Product Review:

If you are looking for hi-res headphones with powerful sound quality, you should buy Uiisii C8. This is another unique model of headphones which are manufactured by Uiisii. The authentic headphones give you optimal performance with the double-dynamic speakers.

These headphones bring a high-resolution bandwidth of 40 kHz. The cable length is 120cm. It conveniently wraps around your neck. These stylish headphones are available in black, red, and white colors.

How about talking to your friends with no noise disturbance and 100 percent sound clarity?

These headphones give you noise-canceling sound quality. Without getting bothered about the outside noise, you are able to chat with your friends and family. You don’t have to tell them to repeat what they are saying again and again. The microphone also gives you a stable performance. The person who is at the other end of the call is able to hear your voice quite clearly.


  • The frequency range of these headphones is 20-40000Hz
  • The cable of the headphones is tangle-free
  • The microphone gives you outstanding performance.
  • Design of the headphones is quite stylish.



  • Does the driver give you a well-rounded and clear sound?

The dual-driver of these headphones is 6mm. it is responsible for giving you a strong bass and clear frequency levels. If you want to enhance your music listening experience, these headphones give you a clear sound with the dynamic drivers.

  • What about the mid-low frequency performance?

These headphones come with PEEK composite diaphragm, which gives you powerful mid-low frequency ranges. The frequency range lies from 20-40000 Hz. You are able to listen to the rich sound of music without missing the frequency level, which lies between these ranges.


These are dynamic headphones which give you powerful sound quality without missing out any sound from the track you are listening to.  

4.      UiiSii T6 HRA Headphones

Best Hi-Res Audio Headphones- The top of the line product in our list engineered keeping in view the comfort of its users.

UiiSii T6 HRA Headphones

Salient Features

  • Acoustic design along with a high level of ease for best music listening experience.
  • It has a low impedance of 16 Ohms to manage other devices like smartphones or laptops.
  • Mic-control is built-in to let you continue the conversation without any interruption.
  • Multi-purpose button to allow you choose different options in one click.

Product Review

The truth is having these pair of earbuds make you forget any other product because of the quality sound it offers. For a reason, it generates a balanced sound that is thrilling without creating any problem for your ears. Also, the noise isolation quality is one of the reasons for you to buy this T6 wired Hi-Res earphones. In Addition to this, it provides full bass with wide soundstage to give you distinct experience for all music genres.

The most important thing about any earphone is its durability, and this product keeps it impeccably while continuously working on its shortcomings.

The most concerning issue while buying the earbuds is the sound leaking, but this brand knows its customer’s need well. Therefore, if you like to listen to music in high volume, then it’s the best choice you could ever make.


  • The manufacturer has used aluminum alloy material to increase the life of this T6 wired dual-driver headphones.
  • Unlike other earphones, this one fits in your ears completely and prevent it from coming out while listening to music.
  • The L- shaped jack of gold aids in reducing the breakage of the cable and preventing poor connection.
  • These earphones make sure of frequency details to benefit you in every possible way without overpowering the sound.


  • Of all the features it offers, these earbuds are on the expensive side, which may exceed your budget.


  • What are the accessories that come with these earphones?

The package includes instruction booklet, 1 earbud pouch and lastly 3×2 pairs of silicone earbuds.

  • Can teenagers use these dual wired earphones?

Yes, it is recommended for all age groups since it cleared the entire safety test and didn’t damage your ears.


If you break your earphones quite often, then UiiSii wired dual driver Hi-Res earbuds are the absolute choice. For the fact, the manufacturer used durable material to provide long life.

5.      UiiSii BA-T7 Armature Headphones

Best Hi-Res Hybrid Headphones- The UiiSii hybrid earbuds is Japanese certified so that you can enjoy standard studio sound every time.

UiiSii BA-T7 Armature Headphones

Salient Features

  • The innovative technology of hybrid dual drivers for production of the original sound.
  • Use of armature frequency for giving you immense feel and auditory feed.
  • There is in-ear angled wearing to fit in your ear canal without any hassle.
  • The design of this T7 hybrid earbuds is suitable for all ear sizes to minimize any discomfort.

Product Review

This incredible pair of earphones by UiiSii works in all situations whether you are in-home or gym. So it means that these earphones perform its job according to the location while isolating the sound each time. Coming to the battery life of BA-T7 hybrid headphones, it allows 15 hours of uninterrupted usage. In addition, you can charge it while packing your gym kit or doing any other task. In fact, it hardly takes a couple of minutes to get charged again.

It is well-known for a high-frequency response of 40 kHz for the provision of high-quality music in its original form. The T7 balanced armature hybrid earphone comes up with delicate metal ear house with a secure grip while running for hours. There is no requirement of an external amp as it consists of 16 ohms of impedance suitable for any kind of genres.


  • The UiiSii BA-T7 headphones are compatible with various types of devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, or iPods.
  • The cable length is approx — 2 m to reduce the chance of breakage and also increases the durability.
  • Addition of on cord action permits you to handle switching of songs or adjustment of volume smoothly.


  • It may not be a good pick for those of you like a bass as the production of bass is average.


  • Are the BA-T7 hybrid earphones water-resistant?

Although this pair of earphones is nearest to perfection, it does not work if it comes in contact with water.

  • Is the material used in the cable can be allergic to the skin?

No, the presence of TPE cable makes sure that it does not cause any allergic reaction on skin.


There is no doubt that BA-T7 dual-driver earphones give off the crisp and clear sound with providing firm hold always.

6.      UiiSii T8S Triple Driver Headphones

Best triple Hi-fi Headphones- This pair of earphones is definitely worth buying an ornament for your ears with triple drivers revolution.

UiiSii T8S Triple Driver Headphones

Salient Features

  • Flawless ergonomic earbuds designed to upgrade your music listening experience.
  • Comprises of in-line microphone that comes with joint connections
  • The improved version of the conventional Mic to ease the communication
  • There are earbuds of different sizes to fit in every ear canal without creating any fuss.
  • The noise cancellation is passive of 26dB to let you enjoy your music even in a crowded place.

Product Review

One of the apparent features that it offers is the presence of a triple driver, which makes it distinct amongst all. In this regard, because of this technology, it allows you to get the deep bass effect with the balanced armature. On the other side, to work in full extent, it also renders a suitable impedance of 18 ohms.

In these T8S in-ear headphones, it contains composite diaphragm of PU and Peek material in order to make the sound field wider. Besides this, for supporting the ear canals the addition of 120 degrees oblique earbuds are present. Also, the microphone of this T8S in-ear earphone is water-resistant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry, in case it comes in contact with water.


  • Due to its remarkable bass, these headphones are suitable for all genres, including soft or pop music.
  • The packaging of t8S in-ear earphones is done quite well so that all accessories get to you without any damage.
  • Unlike other earphones, the sound does not pierce at all and provide crystal clear vibration at lows and highs.
  • The company UiiSii makes sure to meet its users’ needs; therefore; the material is of good quality to increase durability.


  • The cable of the UiiSii t8 triple driver earphones is not detachable that may cause trouble for you.


  • What is the audio source of the T8S in-ear earphones?

It is a stereophonic earphone, which means it has the ability to playback the music from two different channels.

  • Of what material the earphone cable made of?

This brand uses environmental TPE in the manufacturing of the earphone cable to make it user-friendly.


All in all, these earphones by UiiSii are the right option for those in search of low-frequency deep bass. It means that you can play heavy metal as well as rock music with passive noise cancellation.


So now you have grasped a lot of information about hi-res audio headphones. You can choose the right pair of headphones for yourself according to your requirements. It is worth it to pay heed to the features and specifications of the headphones and match them with your needs.

You have to be sure about what you expect from the headphones you buy. Make sure that you check the yellow and black logo on the product while choosing hi-res audio headphones.

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