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Chinese wholesale websites are the best place to find the things you would normally not find on the local market or websites. These bulk wholesale websites have an entire catalog of products ranging from products like electronics to digital accessories like headphones and others. Buying in bulk from China is relatively inexpensive and takes lesser time than most other places.

When you go on search engines to find these Chinese wholesale sites, you will find that there are many such websites out there. When trying to figure out which website is the best in terms of price, shipping, and quality, you will face challenges.

In order to help you figure out which websites are the best; we have compiled a list of the best websites. We have also provided you with several factors of each website which will help you further identify which website suits your needs.

Let us get started.

Comparison List of Chinese Wholesale Websites

Top China Wholesale Sites


Arkartech is another Chinese wholesale website that outsources its inventory. They do have their own inventory and not rather depend on vendors to bring in their own inventory. This is why many smaller businesses are present on the Arkartech. You can easily find many items of different categories from both small vendors and medium-sized vendors.

On Arkartech, the vendors are mostly smaller businesses that have a large catalog of different items like home accessories, headphones, phone accessories, and even smart homes. These small businesses invest a lot of money into bringing their business onto the website.

Small businesses usually do not provide a lot of discounts because they have limited funds. Many times, it is the case that these businesses get their items made from large businesses or factories and then sell them at a reasonable profit.

This means that you might not find this website a great option if you’re looking for discounts on bulk items. But, if you’re looking for bulk items with discounts, then you can consider this as well as there are some medium-sized businesses on the website as well. They provide discounts on a considerable number of items.

The medium-sized businesses provide discounts on a particular number of items. While they do not provide a lot of discount, this is still good for a small number of bulk items. These businesses do not outsource their items and use their own means to create them.

The minimum requirement for Akartech orders is at least one item and there can be as many items as possible in the cart.

Many medium-sized businesses may ask you to have a minimum requirement of at least 10 items in the cart. But this is rare and only medium-sized businesses ask for this so that they can provide you a discount on bulk items and orders.

On Akartech, you can either email or send a direct message to the vendor. Remember that it is important to contact the vendor to ask if the items that you want are in stock or not.

If they are not in stock, then you must arrange it accordingly. We would recommend you to use the online chat if you want to get a quicker reply.

Akartech provides you the option to pay via bank transfers using VISA, MasterCard or American Express. You can ask the vendor which kind of payment mode they are comfortable in.

Remember to always negotiate the prices before you make the final payment. It is important to use the website’s portal to make payments and never make third-party payments.

The website offers many options for shipping the orders. You can choose the China Post option if you want your orders to be delivered at a later time.

You should choose Express Shipping in case your order is large and needs to be urgently delivered.


Many people confuse AliExpress to be Alibaba because of similar names and logos. However, they are miles apart in terms of quality and customer support. AliExpress is an online retail store which is owned by the Alibaba group, however, there are certain differences that can help you make a crucial decision.

The retailers at AliExpress are independent as AliExpress does not have an inventory or supply of their own. They support local as well as international businesses by providing them a platform for sales and purchases. There are two kinds of sources of materials at AliExpress – the large suppliers as well as the smaller businesses.

The large suppliers are the bigger businesses that operate on the website. These big businesses can be factories or trading companies that also work online. While some factories provide products on their own, the trading companies own a large pool of funds. They use these funds to purchase products and sell them.

These large suppliers buy products from the factories at lower prices and then sell them online at wholesale rates on AliExpress.

There are also smaller businesses who sell their products independently on the platform. Some businesses want to expand their clientele which is why they choose to expand their inventory to AliExpress. They also sell products at a relatively cheap price than other businesses.

This is the reason why you will find that certain products on AliExpress will be priced at a lower tag, but others will be at a higher price than others.

The best part about AliExpress is that there is no minimum requirement for purchases. You can buy as many items as you want. You can even just buy one item from the inventories available. However, if you want to buy more than one item, in dozens or thousands, then it is better to contact the seller and then negotiate.

When you contact the seller and negotiate the prices, you will find that they provide bulk discounts.

On AliExpress, you have the option available to send messages to sellers and vice versa. You can do this in the special messages section in the profile. New messages are notified whenever there is one.

Other than this, you can also use the chat feature to talk to an AliExpress representative about any trouble you may have. This is not only limited to trouble but also general questions you may have about how the website works and what the procedures are.

In regards to paying for purchases and other transactions, you can choose from the several options available. You can use several online options such as payment through VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Western Union, and even online bank transactions. These are all protected through encryption algorithms which makes it safe.

AliExpress does not have a dedicated international delivery team. It relies on third-party courier services such as China Post or DHL. If you have an urgent or quick delivery, you can use the quicker options like DHL Express shipping. Otherwise, you can use the normal China Post option which takes almost 2 months to deliver depending on where you live.


If you’re acquainted with online wholesale websites, you will definitely know about Alibaba. There are several positive points about Alibaba. This is one of the most renowned Chinese wholesale websites because of the number of businesses present and the quality of services it provides.

Alibaba does not have any of its own inventories just like AliExpress. Alibaba uses a wide range of products and suppliers on its website. While it may be difficult for some people to figure out which suppliers are better and which are not as great, it will be something you can get used to soon.

Alibaba houses several large businesses as well as small businesses and even vendors who work from home. This variety and a large number of suppliers available on the website which can be confusing because they do not all provide the same kind of service and quality of materials.

However, a general rule of thumb is to use the reviews section of the products as well as the vendors to figure out whether the purchase will be worth it or not. You must be careful to pick out authentic reviews and not paid or fake reviews which might be fabricated by the vendor to make their profile look more appealing.

While this will take some time to get used to, you will eventually figure out which vendors will provide high-quality service and products and which will not.

So, if you’re starting out with Chinese wholesale websites and you choose Alibaba then you don’t need to worry much about vendors. You will eventually get the hang of figuring out the better vendors from the several available.

On the website, it is generally a rule that some consumer goods will have a minimum requirement for consumer goods. This is not true for larger machines and appliances as there is no minimum requirement for quantity or cost. There are several professional suppliers available on the Alibaba website that does have a minimum requirement of orders from 500 to 1000 dollars.

So, instead of looking for cheaper prices, try going for a lesser quantity requirement.

The Alibaba website uses an online chat feature called the Trade Manager which allows you to communicate with the vendors at any given time and place. You can also use the vendors’ several contact information like email, phone number, Whatsapp, WeChat. Using these, you can easily use third-party means to communicate things quickly.

Alibaba allows you to pay through online payment methods like bank transfer and PayPal. You can pay through your debit or credit cards endorsed by VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Additionally, Alibaba provides you with a good channel for vendors and buyers called Trade Assurance.

Alibaba offers international delivery services which can be used from their online services page. You can communicate with the logistics service online and send your goods to the Alibaba’s warehouse at reasonable prices and rates.


DHgate is another interactive online Chinese wholesale marketplace that provides quality along with renowned service. The DHgate marketplace provides several catalogs for fashion, electronics as well as home improvement items. The site operates similarly to other Chinese wholesale websites like AliExpress, but it does have its own edge.

The most eye-catching feature of DHgate is that it does not allow a lot of small businesses to operate on the website. If you scour the catalogs of different categories, you will find that the vendors present on the website are mostly large or medium-sized businesses.

This is because DHgate features an extensive process for vendors to be able to operate on the website. While this is not as exciting for the vendors, this ensures quality for the people willing to make purchases on it. This feature makes it one of the best wholesale websites for people looking for high-quality vendors.

These large businesses and factories offer a large variety of goods that are made from premium materials. These goods provide vendors with a lot of retail and wholesale benefits. These large businesses and factories only allow you to buy products in bulk from China which can feel like a big disappointment, but it makes it easier for vendors.

While it is not often, some suppliers purchase their products from other suppliers and then resell them at a profitable price. So, if you wish to purchase something from a seller for a second or third time, then it is advisable that you should confirm from the seller if it is still available or not.

DHgate makes it easier for the buyers by not having any sort of minimum requirements. Buyers can purchase as little as one or two items. Many wholesale suppliers provide discounts for bulk wholesale items. So, if you increase your quantity, it is very possible that the suppliers may give you a discount. This means that the more items you buy, the more the price lessens.

DHgate provides users with several communication methods like online chats and message inboxes. You can contact the sellers and vendors through these channels. We would definitely recommend you to use the online chat feature as you can be notified as soon as the seller replies. However, you can send them a message if they are not online. Usually, vendors may take up to 24 hours to reply.

The payment methods vary from region to region. Mostly, people prefer to use an online bank transfer. But VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay and PayPal pay vendors for their products and goods. While some payment methods may be different from place to place, they are all efficient and get the job done.

DHgate usually uses China Post or ePacket to deliver goods in case you are not in a hurry and the number of items is not a lot. Even though China Post takes a long time to deliver the goods, there is no tracking information and the customer service is not great. Alternatively, you can use the Express Delivery if you are in a hurry and want the items delivered as quickly as possible.

#5.Global Source

Global Source is cited as one of the top wholesale websites in many places and articles. The reason why it is one of the best is because of the large catalog of professional vendors available. Global Source is popular because of the high satisfaction rate of vendors and buyers alike. The website is known to provide high-end sales-purchase services.

Global Source mostly houses large factories and trading companies on its catalogs. This is because of their policies that value quality materials and services. While smaller businesses and companies can enter their catalogs, they need more funds. These larger companies and factories are able to sell their items to a large wholesale market of buyers.

Global source offers items in bulk rather than individual items. These larger factories sell their items on wholesale rates and in bulk due to their policies. This makes the overall rates cheaper for each product. The profit on these products is not as high as they are shipped directly from the factories and warehouses. This means that you can save up much more when you order in bulk from the Global Source vendors.

Many suppliers allow users to customize their items before they can be shipped. This option makes for a more personalized product. Customization does take a longer time to deliver due to the lengthy process.

Make sure to always ask the supplier beforehand if the product is in stock and how long it would take to deliver the product.

Global Source uses an O2O platform. This platform integrates negotiation, offline production and also delivery. On Global Source, you will find that the minimum requirement for delivery and shipping is usually very high.

Most vendors ask for hundreds of orders as a minimum requirement for successful shipping. You can, however, use the option to order a sample from the vendor before confirming your order.

However, you should remember that usually, the price of the sample is higher than the normal price of the order that you might have been given.

Global Source provides vendors and buyers with 2 ways of communication. You can use the Online Chat or the Inquire Now options on the website. Online chat is much more reliable and faster when compared to other kinds of communication mode. If you want a quicker reply and you feel the vendor is online then you should use Online Chat.

In order to pay the vendors, you can message them and negotiate the prices. Usually, some vendors provide more discounts on more quantity.

You can pay through online bank transactions like VISA, MasterCard and even American Express. There are many options which you can choose according to your and the vendor’s convenience.

Shipments usually take a long time if you choose the default China Post method. If you talk to the suppliers, they will advise you to get the items shipped by sea or by air. If your goods are heavier and large in number, then you will receive them in a long time.

#6.Yiwu Go

Yiwu go is one of the newer wholesale sites available on the internet. This website provides a lot of categories and vendors from which you can choose. Yiwu go offers several businesses a platform to do their business and make loyal and new customers.

Unlike many other websites featured on our list of top picks, Yiwu go gives a chance to smaller businesses and medium-sized businesses to sell their items. You will find that Yiwu Go features several categories from which you can choose the kind of products you want.
Most of these products come from businesses within China. Most suppliers come from Yiwu International Trade City. This means that these suppliers probably have their own factories and workshops where they manufacture their own products.

These small businesses do not offer as much discount as larger businesses. However, they do provide you faster shipping and the ability to choose a smaller quantity of items. Most suppliers do not have minimum requirements which makes it easier to buy a small quantity of items.

These small businesses usually have limited stock so it is advisable to ask them beforehand about the number of items that you want and confirm whether they can provide them to you or not.

On Yiwu Go, the minimum order requirement varies from supplier to supplier. The minimum requirement can be as low as 1 piece and can go as high as 100 pieces.

However, mostly, we have observed that suppliers ask for minimum requirements of more than 10 pieces. The price of these items can also vary according to the quantity of the purchase. Suppliers may or may not give you a discount on bulk wholesale items. Since these are smaller businesses, they may not give you discounts.

On the Yiwu Go website, you have the option to send a query through the “Send Inquiry” option. We do feel that the website lacks a chat system that could allow for quicker communication.

You can also go to the supplier’s page and contact them through their phone number or email. You can alternatively also get their address and send paperwork if necessary.

We would advise you to contact the seller before paying them. Since these are small businesses, they are much more open to negotiations as compared to other larger businesses.

You can easily make payments through online banking transaction pages. Yiwu Go works with VISA, American Express, MasterCard and also PayPal.

Yiwu Go provides shipping services from China Post. While they do not take as long to deliver, it is still a long time considering that normally the quantity isn’t that much. You can alternatively use Express Shipping but that costs a lot. If you can pay a considerably large amount for delivery of lesser items, then go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I negotiate before ordering?

We would definitely advise you to message the sellers before adding items to your cart. It is often the case that sellers will provide you with some discount codes if you ask them to give you discounts on bulk wholesale items.

You can also assess the seller before asking for a negotiation. You can figure out if the seller is a renowned seller who has a large factory and can work with negotiations. Usually, smaller businesses do not entertain any sort of negotiations.

Remember to stay reasonable while bargaining and do not ask for discounts that may be a loss for the supplier.

  • What are some common mistakes people make?

The most common mistake people make is to set their target on one website without knowing the minimum requirement for order and shipping. Remember to always check for the minimum requirement on the website. You should then cross-check whether the order quantity which you have is enough to meet the criteria or not.

Another common mistake people make is that they do not ask the supplier beforehand if the items are in stock or not. Usually, it happens that the items you want will not be in stock and you would have to wait a long time until they are available again. Make sure to contact the seller and ask them about the stocks.

  • Should I use Express Shipping or China Post?

The answer to this question depends on the kind of order you have. If you have a smaller order in which you do not need to be shipped urgently, then you should use the China Post. It is cheaper and will save you money on other expenses as well. It is somewhat slow, yes. But if time isn’t an issue, then there is no other option which is better.

If your order is bigger and needs to be shipped urgently, then you can go for the Express Shipping option. Express Shipping takes lesser time for the shipping to process. However, this will cost you a bit more. But you needn’t worry as it does not cost an arm and a leg and is usually well within range.

Wrap up

Chinese wholesale websites provide you the perfect platform for any and all kinds of services and products. You can easily buy products in bulk for resale and on discounts. You can pick out any of the trusted wholesale sites we have mentioned.

Rest assured, you will find that these websites are reliable and also worth the while.

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