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Our Pick For Top 5 Best Quad Driver Earphones

#1: 1MORE E1010 Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones Bundle
#2: KZ ZS5 Quad Driver Headphones
#3: KZ ZS6 Quad Driver Headphones
#4: Uiisii DT800 Quad Drivers Hi-Res In-Ear Headphones
#5: Uiisii BN90J Quad Driver Bluetooth Headphones

When do we not use our earphones? When we’re listening to music, cooking food, out jogging! Music fills our hearts to the very brim in a number of mysterious ways. A serene voice paired with the correct lyrics can move us to the core. But what if your earphones aren’t able to render that sound properly? Well, with quad driver earphones, that is no more an issue.

Quad driver earphones use four drivers to render even the lowest frequencies. This makes them exceptionally handy and qualitative. Without the proper equipment, sounds can seem flat and fabricated. And we can’t even listen to a singer’s voice properly. Many people are able to hit a very high range, but our equipment isn’t able to render it.

Below, we have listed down only the best quad driver earphones that moved us. These were the brands and products that made us wonder if it could get any better.

Let’s get started!

What Are Quad Driver Earphones?

The name says it all. Quad Driver earphones use four drivers in each earpiece. Out of these four, two are the armatures, and two are the drivers. The two dynamic armatures help with rendering high and mid-frequency sounds. While the two drivers help to render low and mid-frequency sounds. In this way, you get a set of eight drivers that give you the best sound range possible. The more the drivers, the better the sounds quality! We recommend buying Quad Driver earphones as these are usually the best you can get at a decent price.

There are only a few brands that manufacture these earphones. Usually, quad driver earphones have higher impedance, more power, and better noise cancellation. Most are inclined at a 45 or 120-degree angle to provide both comfort and better sound. Most of these earphones also have Bluetooth connectivity. Although a majority of them are wired. If you want to buy quad driver earphones, we recommend buying the Bluetooth version to get the full experience.

Personally, we found that quad driver earphones, in fact, do make a difference. They aren’t a waste of time. They make the best companions for cardio and calls. And are perfect for communicating with your friends and family!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quad Driver Earphones


  • You get more realistic sound quality. Since there are four drivers, a higher frequency range can be rendered. So you hear not only the mids but the lows and highs very clearly. It accounts for great user experience, and the lows aren’t even distracting. Usually, we are unable to hear a singer’s true notes due to bad earphone quality.
  • They provide Bluetooth connectivity. Sure, most earphones do that. But Bluetooth connectivity and quad driver earphones make the best pair. With these, you can easily walk about, work out, and travel. Even with your device in your pocket, Bluetooth earphones reduce the discomfort and agitation.
  • Most of the quad driver earphones are anti-tangle. This means that the cord is designed to loosen any tangles on its own. Or, it is easier to untangle the cord. The remaining of the term differs from brand to brand. But the bottom line is the same: you get immense productivity and high comfort. We recommend quad driver earphones for the comfort they bring.
  • They provide higher impedance and sensibility. Earphone sensors need to be extra sensitive to the sounds coming from your device. Without that, you’ll just get flat sound, even with the four drivers. Most earphones have a sensitivity of 100 dB or more. Of course, this isn’t absolute. But it does change the entire feel of the sound.


  • A lot of the quad driver earphones we’ve seen do not provide microphones. While we’re used to having microphones for easy conversations, some brands do not offer it. This is a letdown, seeing as how expensive these earphones are, to begin with. It is better in your favor to buy quad driver earphones that have a microphone. Microphones help you connect with people better and attend calls.
  • Low rendering, no matter how strong the drivers are, is always flawed in one way or the other. It is increasingly harder for speakers and drivers to notice and render low-frequency sounds. Even the human ear has trouble doing that. While we usually overlook this, it doesn’t mean that the issue doesn’t exist. Most quad drivers aren’t exceptionally good with the lows.

Quad Driver Earphones Comparison Table

Reviews of Best Quad Driver Earphones

1. 1MORE E1010 Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones Bundle

If you’re looking for earphones which are both durable and give the best sound quality, then you’re in luck. The 1More Quad Driver Earphone Bundle is one of a kind. Their sound quality is beyond innovative, and their sound range is superb. To begin with, let’s take a look at the advantages of buying 1More. Firstly, you get the perfect remote functionality. You also get a build that is durable and lasts longer than Triple Driver Earphones. This set gives an excellent bass and allows you to make crystal clear calls.

The first thing you’ll notice is the flawless case. These earphones come in a hardback case with gorgeous illustrations inside. Moreover, the earphones come packed in a leather wallet. The box also includes an airplane adapter, a quarter inch adapter, and a cable clip. There are three pairs of foam tips for the earphones, and five pairs of silicone tips. You can choose whichever one best fits your ear and provides the most comfort. This 1More product has 4 drivers that keep the sound quality top-class.

What’s more is that the 45 degree inclined angle of the ear tips makes it fit your ear better. This helps it cancel out noise and helps you focus on your favorite songs. It has a range between 2.7 dB and 5.2 dB. These earphones perfectly hit the mids and the highs. However, there was slightly too much power in the low end. We loved the bump, but it wasn’t what we were looking for. Of course, the volume also factors into how clear the sound is. But we found that the 1More earphone bundle has a way of making us grow into things.

Image Credit: Amazon


      • Wide range of highs and lows.
      • Flawless design. Perfect ear bud angle.
      • Durable and long lasting.
      • Easy to connect to your devices.


      • Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 3 in
      • Response: 20Hz to 40 Hz
      • Impedance: 32 Ohms
      • Sound Range: 99 dB
      • Rated Power: 5 milliwatts

2. KZ ZS5 Quad Driver Headphones

The KZ ZS5 headphones are a great way to get familiar with Quad Driver Earphones. These are the best in the block and don’t hurt your ears after prolonged use. They have a futuristic design that is both charming and efficient. The inclination helps to block out ambient noise, making this the best earphone set for the outdoors. Since the KZ is not a custom build, you get a set of tips for the earphones. These extra tips are made of foam and help you customize your earphones to fit your ear better. This not only helps with comfort but also helps to block out ambient noise and enhance your experience.

Other than that, the KZ ZS5 is a great means of improving sound quality. These earphones provide top notch resonance and sound quality. They use four drivers that make the user experience powerful and memorable. Other than that, the ZS5 is a great choice because of the amiable customer service. They provide a 1-year warranty, and their tech support is open for any product related issues. The earphones feature a 3.9 feet long cable that is both flexible and detachable. A long cord prevents you from accidentally removing the earphones out.

The cord can be easily threaded through bags and clothing. This makes them all the more efficient and portable. As for sensitivity, the ZS5 can detect sounds up to 106 dB. With this, the ZS5 makes its place in our daily lives. The only downside is that these premium earphones don’t have a microphone feature. So they’re not good for calling or talking to your friends. We love the 18-ohm resistance and the 20,000 Hz frequency range.

KZ ZS5 quad driver earphones

Image Credit: Amazon


      • Offers the best-wired connectivity.
      • A long cord makes movement easier.
      • Comes with two pairs of earbud tips.
      • Futuristic and metallic design.


      • No microphone. Not for calls.


      • Sensitivity: 106 dB.
      • Sound Range: 20 to 20,000 Hz.
      • Max power output: 10 milliwatts.
      • Resistance: 18 ohms.
      • Cable length: 3.9 feet.

3. KZ ZS6 Quad Driver Headphones

The KZ ZS6 headphones differ from the KZ ZS5 in both quality and sound range. These headphones were made for the average user. And are designed to give you the best sound quality and overall performance! We love the ZS6 due to their top class design. These headphones have a futuristic look and make even the best brands look bland and unattractive. The ZS6 provides the perfect balance of the three frequencies: high, mid, and low. They work with almost every 3.5 mm jack device, including iPods and Android devices.

These earphones have a metal shell that helps fight the extra resonance created by plastic. It uses two armature and two drivers to deliver outstanding sound effects. We love how it makes perfect use of a four-driver system. Other than that, the KZ ZS6 earphones fit almost every type of ear canal. The product comes with its own earbud replacements. And it includes a 3.9-foot long cord. The cord is resistant to constant tangling in your pockets. Normally, bending the cord damages the wire underneath. But not with the ZS6’s enhanced protection!

The company also offers a whole year of free replacements and refunds. This is only on certain parts and of course, user damage is ignored. Their customer service is top class and their tech support is open for all. Conclusively, we loved the ZS6 as it gave us crisp and clear sounds. These headphones also have a frequency range between 7 and 40,000 Hz, which is a lot more than standard headphone ranges. Apart from that, the max power output is around 10 milliwatts.

Like the ZS5, these headphones do not have a microphone and are not the best for making calls. But for your favorite leisure activities, the KZ ZS6 makes the best sidekick.

KZ ZS6 quad driver earphones

Image Credit: Amazon


      • Perfect connectivity and sensitivity.
      • Easy on the ears. Do not cause pain.
      • Ergonomic design. Fit perfectly.
      • Extreme sound range expands user experience.


      • No microphone. Not for making calls.


      • Sensitivity: 106 dB.
      • Resistance: 15 ohms.
      • Max power output: 10 milliwatts.
      • Range of frequency: 7 to 40,000 Hz.
      • Cord length: 3.9 feet.

4. Uiisii DT800 Quad Drivers Hi-Res In-Ear Headphones:

When it comes to providing more in a compact size, Uiisii leads the rest. Their in-ear headphones have been the most acclaimed and widely sought after. These earphones won the China Electronic Audio Industry Association. And we can see very clearly why. Unlike other cheap stereo earphones, the Uiisii use not two or four, but eight speakers. This means that you get a whole surround sound effect from the comfort of your home. Each earpiece has two dynamic drivers and two balanced armatures.

With these four drivers, the Uiisii is able to make your sound experience a whole lot better. The speaker itself uses a PU and PEEK composite diaphragm. The diaphragm helps reduce harsh noises and gives smoother sound. These drivers and armatures all come together to give you a surround sound experience beyond your expectations. If you’re having trust issues, just remember that the Uiisii is Hi-Res certified. It won the certification and also the first “Golden Ear Selection” award.  All of these awards come from the Chinese and Japanese Audio Associations. So you can be assured of the authenticity of the product.

Other than that, this product from Uiisii employs vacuum coating technology on the surface. This means that the parts remain intact and do not fall apart. The design is nothing too extraordinary but it’s neither too simple. As for ambiance, the Uiisii DT800 cancels out noise, allowing for a better experience and clearer sound.

The earflaps are flexible and soft, so the earbuds don’t irritate the ear. Keeping headphones on for long can normally hurt your ears. So this additional feature is a great step towards customer satisfaction. Personally, we find the Uiisii DT800 to be worth a try. The specs and design had us in awe.

UIISII DT800 quad driver earphones

Image Credit: Uiisii


      • Most authentic product.
      • Employs vacuum coating technology.
      • 120-degree inclination reduces ambient noise.
      • Flexible and comfortable ear flaps.


      • The cable may require an extension.


      • Frequency Range: 10 to 40,000 Hz.
      • Impedance: 16 ohms.
      • Sensitivity: 108 dB.
      • Length of cable: 120 cm.
      • The outer diameter of the speaker: 6 mm.

5. Uiisii BN90J Quad Driver Bluetooth Headphones:

This is another product from Uiisii. The Uiisii BN90J is no different from the other products in their catalog. However, the ambient design and superb quality functioning set it apart. We love Uiisii because it has a gorgeous design and a quad driver technology. Uiisii uses two armatures along with two dynamic drivers. The armatures help with perfectly executing mid and high-frequency sounds. While the drivers work on mid and low frequencies. This combination of four drivers in each earpiece makes Uiisii unstoppable.

Like its cousins, the Uiisii BN90J headphones also use PU and PEEK diaphragms. The diagrams help smoothen out sounds. The frequency range is well over 40,000 Hz. This extreme frequency range makes the Uiisii a great choice for noticing even the faintest sounds. This is perhaps the first headphone set we’ve reviewed that provides Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. This means that you can use the set wirelessly, increasing portability and comfort! Other than that, this earphone set can last for 24 hours, with its high power long lasting battery. And the best part … the Uiisii BN90J only needs to charge for 10 minutes for a full day of music and talk time.

The Uiisii BN90J is IPX5 waterproofed, which means that it is sweat resistant. Our natural body functions tend to damage our devices often. With the BN90J, you can use the headphones nearly near the pool or at the gym. These earphones also come with their own neckband that wraps around your neck. This band stops you from losing your earbuds and prevents fall damage. And unlike other headphones, the Uiisii BN90J has a microphone and call compatibility. So you can talk to your friends and family anytime, anywhere. With the wireless design, nothing is stopping you.

Uiisii BN90 Quad Driver In Ear Headphones

Image Credit: Uiisii


      • 3 button remote microphone.
      • IPX5 waterproof certified.
      • Prevents water and fall damage.
      • Portable and small.


      • Does not come with a wired cord.


      • Sound Range: 10 to 40,000 Hz.
      • Connection: Wireless.
      • Bluetooth: QCC 5.0
      • Impedance: 18 ohms.
      • Waterproof: Yes.


Quad driver earphones have certainly changed our perception of the outside world. Now we’re able to hear sounds better and enjoy a surround sound experience even while traveling. These neat little devices are portable and compact. We recommend this to anyone who has trouble listening or wants to hear more of their favorite artists.

Quad driver earphones are a great way to engage you and make yourself fall in love with the art of music. Not only that, but they give crystal clear sound quality while on call. We’ve already bought our first set of quad driver earphones. When will you?


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