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Heading to the gym requires a high level of discipline. I have drafted numerous workout regimes over the years with the intention of putting on some muscle. However, to date, I have spent exactly two hours in the gym in the last forty-eight months. You’ve probably come across a few people in my shoes. The thought of dropping everything fun for several hours in the gym is not very appealing but what if you could take some of the fun along with you.

Want Some Musical Motivation For Your Workouts?

Working out is a real chore in every sense of the word. This reality is what keeps people like me out of the gym most of the time. With some music in your ears, however, you can pull through a grueling workout with a smile on your face. Suddenly your workout doesn’t seem so serious and tasking. You can vibe to your own personal playlist throughout your fitness training. All you need to do is slap on a pair of headphones and kick off the session.

Some headphones are simply not suited for the gym or any serious amount of physical exercise. This is because sweat can destroy the composition of most conventional headsets. Thankfully, the best gym headphones are resistant to fluids and can be trusted to hold in such conditions. With wireless earbuds for the gym now in vogue, you can enjoy some of the best wireless workout headphones as you exercise.

Don’t Hit The Gym Without Sport Headphones

Once you get used to working out with your headphones, you will understand the need to have them on whenever you’re going to the gym. Sports headphones are extremely adaptable and will improve your performance levels a great deal. To enjoy a durable experience, a pair of the best sweat-proof headphones for the gym is a non-negotiable accessory.

There are quite a number of brands that fall under this category. They provide you with great gym over-ear headphones music. You will be able to spend long hours working out without burning out or getting bored.

How To Consider When Buying The Best Gym Headphones?

Headphones differ a lot in terms of operational details and peculiarity. The things you need to consider when buying headphones for the gym depending on the kind of activity you intend to engage in.

If you are going to be spending a lot of your fitness training on the run, you should consider a very portable gadget. There are gym headphones for running that will keep your ears engaged as you tear up the track. Most of these brands are in the sports earbuds wireless category and it allows you to move without restrictions.

The amount of sweat you produce should also be considered. While many of the best workout headphones are sweat resistant, brands like the Bose SoundSport free headphones and gym with wireless earbuds Sony are top picks in this category. They are light and will throw off the sweat easily without slipping off your ears.

Heavy lifters don’t necessarily need light headphones since they won’t be moving around a lot. If you’re someone that prefers to do a lot of different things at the gym, you should consider one of the various lightweight models. You won’t have to carry unnecessary additional weight during your workout.

What Type Of Headphones Do You Want?

Your ideal gym headphones should be the right mix of functionality and design. As technology continues to evolve, wireless headphones provide you with portability and quality. They are easy to use and fit well into a variety of workout regimes. You will also enjoy the fact that it won’t disturb your movement. Sometimes you could even forget that you have them on.

Another key thing is how the sound gets to your ears. You can choose from the in-ear and over-ear variants. Both options are great for different reasons. If you’re someone who likes droning all the sound around you, the in-ear headphones are built to do just that. On the other hand, the over-ear models allow you to listen to what’s going on and still enjoy your favorite tracks. It is great for group workouts where you need to hear the instructor or other people.

Evidently, working out means you will sweat a lot. Finding a pair of water-resistant gym headphones is extremely important. You might find yourself buying a new one each week if this isn’t the case. Luckily there are a lot of products that are capable of doing this.

Finally, your gym headphone should be able to work for extended periods. Most workout sessions last for a few hours. You need a product that gives you music throughout this time without going off. Having to charge it in the middle of your fitness training will disrupt your rhythm.

All these qualities can be combined to find the best gym headphones for your workout. In fairness, you will not be able to find a gadget that scores top marks in all these categories. However, depending on your needs, there are great options that tick most of the boxes listed above.

These Gym Headphones Will Change The Way You Workout

The need for working out with quality gym headphone has been discussed extensively above. The things to consider before buying a headphone should also help you to find the right product to enhance your workouts. Having said that, the gym headphones listed below will change the way you workout for different reasons. Here is my list of the best workout headphones.

#1 – Monster iSport superslim

The monster sports gym headphone lives up to its name with loud, banging bass sounds. If you’re one of those who enjoys listening to heavy metal tracks while working out, you will certainly enjoy this product.

It is a wireless in-ear workout gadget that has great sound quality. In addition to this, it is sweat resistant and can be washed routinely with water. This makes it extremely durable. The design is sleek and secure which makes it fit into your ears very easily.

However, it does not have the intricate acoustic detailing that many of its competitors offer. Having said this, its bass centered sound is not unnecessarily loud. It is simply more suited to certain kinds of music.

The monster iSport also gives you six hours of battery life. It can pick up Bluetooth signals from up to 50ft. This allows you to play music from a smartphone or other devices while working out. It is noteworthy that this headphone costs more than a hundred dollars normally but is now available at a cut price.


  • Produces a clear, outstanding bass sound
  • The product is sweat and water resistant
  • Sleek and secure design


  • Can have distorted sounds due to the lack of acoustic detailing

Final verdict: Great headphone to keep you engaged during workouts

#2 – Jaybird X3 Bluetooth wireless headphones

If you love running for long distances as part of your fitness regimen, you will certainly love the X3. It is an excellent gym headphone with superb acoustics. It sounds just as great as it looks. The headphones fit snugly and no amount of movement can dislodge the gadget.

This makes it ideal for high intensity workouts. Thanks to its great build quality, it can resist sweat and can perform under most external conditions. It has a battery that allows you to listen to music continuously for eight hours when fully charged.

For all its great attributes, you don’t exactly have to break the bank for the Jaybird X3. This makes it one of the best around.


  • It is relatively solid and comfortable to wear
  • Built to last for a long time


  • The sound can drop when used in certain areas.

Final verdict: The X3 is a high grade workout accessory with very few weaknesses

#3 – Jabra elite sport

The Jabra brand has earned its reputation as a first class producer of headphones and other gadgets over the years. The Jabra elite sport is equipped with a lot of sophisticated features. It has no cord which makes it wireless in every sense of the word.

There are individual earbuds for both ears with carefully crafted wingtips. The tips keep the headphones stuck to your ear all the time. The state of the art heart rate monitor incorporated into this gadget makes it a unique gym headphone.

A noise cancellation feature ensures that you only hear the music you’re playing. Another cool feature of the Jabra is that it is compatible with Jabra’s automated sport life companion. You can easily pair the device with the app on your mobile phone. This allows you to listen to workout tips and instructions.

The accompanying storage case doesn’t just keep the earbuds. It also charges the battery at intervals. This headphone is very expensive but the wide range of unique features makes it worth every penny.


  • A set of unique advanced training features
  • Automated battery charging
  • Magnificent build and sound quality


Final verdict: The Jabra elite sport is one of the very best headphones around

#4 – Beats Powerbeats 3

This headphone is one of the few gadgets that show how adaptable gym headphones are. If you are an iPhone user who finds it difficult to leave your device, the powerbeats 3 will suit you greatly. This is because of the highly sensitive W1 chip. It makes it very easy to connect your headphones to your phone.

Another superb feature of this wireless headphone is the long lasting battery life. With 12 hours of continuous use, it is one of the best in this category. Add its water and sweat resistant properties to the mix and you have a high quality workout headphone.

The flexible earhooks make it easy to wear all day long. In terms of sound quality, it produces a rich bass sound that reaches your ears easily.


  • Extended battery life
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Water and sweat resistant


  • Might be difficult to use with most mobile devices

#5 – Bose soundsport pulse

Another high quality brand, Bose is renowned for its outstanding products. The soundsport pulse is precision engineered and fits closely to your ears. The outstanding feature of this gym headphone is the heart rate monitor. It allows you to keep tabs on your progress as you workout.

If you fancy running long distances to shed extra pounds or just to keep in shape, you will find this feature useful. What’s even better is that it is able to work with most workout apps. These applications include Runkeeper and Strava among others.

With great acoustics, a sleek exterior and the latest technology available, you will absolutely love this Bose variant. However, you must be willing to shell out the money as it doesn’t come cheap.


  • Built-in heart rate monitor
  • Compatible with workout apps


Final verdict: A superb gym headphone that provides value for money despite the price.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that working out is a tasking endeavor. It requires determination and discipline. However, by adding music to the equation, you can enjoy it a lot more. I have compiled a list of the best gym headphones based on some of the characteristics mentioned earlier. As you will find, they are all unique and provide outstanding quality.

Gym headphones are not just gadgets for working out. The best ones now incorporate many advanced features to help you workout even better. Apart from the obvious features, some of these cool headphones work with your mobile applications. With constant innovation and technological advancements, there will be more features to enjoy in the coming years.

If you feel I have left out any detail you need in this article or I left out your favorite gym headphones that should appear here, kindly drop a comment below.

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