Skylum Announces Luminar Neo for iPad and Apple Vision Pro

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Skylum, creator of the award-winning Luminar Neo photo editing program, has launched a version for iPad devices.

The new app is called Luminar for iPad and is also available for Apple’s powerful Vision Pro 3D devices.

According to Skylum, the new app features a whole host of interactive controls with touch features and sound effects for letting users quickly edit and modify their images through the Apple tablet.

One example of this is LUTs (Look Up Tables) browsing. Users who want to browse their LUTs collection for the right photo filter can move through them quickly via touch control and hear a “nostalgic” analog film-loading sound when they select a specific filter.

This is just a minor, playful example of what the Luminar Neo app for iPad and VisionOS offers.

More practically, the new Apple-friendly edition of Luminar Neo comes with a robust array of photo editing tools that give its users powerful image editing on the go, whether they’re pros or complete beginners.

According to said Ivan Kutanin, CEO of Skylum.

“Our goal with Luminar for iPad was to completely reimagine the mobile photo editing experience for the end user, making it interactive and entertaining,”

He adds,

“Leveraging the iPad’s platform and our advanced technologies, we are bringing to the market an app that ensures both fun editing process and professional-grade results that Luminar is known for.”

Key components of Luminar Neo for iPad and Vision Pro include classic photo editing features for color and visual correction plus a blend of powerful AI-powered tools that let users enhance their photos in unique ways.

An image editing interface showing a comparison between a 'before' photo with a plain sky and an 'after' photo where the sky has been replaced with a more dramatic and colorful one, featuring two people.

Luminar Neo also comes with a broad range of filters for superb practical color editing and also for easily adding in nostalgic film effects.

The most important parts of the new edition for iPad and VisionOS specifically include:

  • The Develop Tool: This opens up quickly accessible settings for color correction, exposure, black & white, temperature gradient, tint, smart contrast, shadow correction, whites, blacks, vibrance, vignette and saturation control.
  • Key Tools: These include Details, Curves, Cropping, Erase, Landscape (with Dehaze) and Monochrome, or Black & White editing
  • AI-powered Tools: Luminar Neo’s AI tools are robust and expanding. In the Neo iPad/VisionOS app they include Enhance AI, Sky AI, Structure AI and Relight AI. You can find out more here about these specific and impressive generative tools.
  • The Filter Collection: As mentioned above, Luminar Neo’s extensive collection of filters comes with the new app for Apple devices and offers both robust professional color correction but also unique filters for nostalgic and artistic effects.
  • Three Modes: Luminar Neo lets users quickly select between editing modes for  Development, Filters and Sky editing to make the entire baseline editing process flow more smoothly.

A screenshot of a photo editing app in use, showcasing a feature to erase unwanted elements from an image, with a focus on a horse photo where parts of the image are highlighted for removal.

Also, Luminar Neo does indeed work with the Apple Pencil, letting users make their workflow even more precise in the app.

Skylum has released Luminar Neo for both iPad and visionOS as of today.

Users of the visionOS version of the app for Apple Vision Pro devices can use Luminar Neo for free until June 5th, 2024.

Luminar Neo for iPad is available as a subscription service with a very modest price tag.

Packages start at $4.99 per month with discount pricing at $16.99 for a 6-month subscription and $29.99 plus a 7-day free trial for an annual subscription.

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