Nextorage Introduces New CFexpress 4.0 Type B Cards with VPG400

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As CFexpress cards become ever more popular, the bounds of their specs also keep moving upwards. Nextorage’s new editions showcase this.

The Nextorage NX-B2PRO line of CFexpress Type B memory cards promises both exceptional read/write performance and Compact Flash Association (CFA) certification for quality. They also offer plenty of space.

The NX-B2PRO Type 4.0 cards from this brand can deliver read speeds of up to 3,900MB/s and write speeds of 3,600MB/s according to their maker.

Nextorage, which is a member of the Compact Flash Association for certification purposes, has also announced a new card reader for its 4.0 cards.

What’s more, the new NX-B2PRO models have passed the fairly rigorous Video Performance Guarantee (VPG) testing standards of the CFA for high-quality video performance.

This has earned them VPG400 certification, which means that they can constantly sustain at least 400MB/s of write speed.

400MB/s might not seem much from cards claimed to deliver maximum speeds of 3,600MB/s, but it’s more of a performance baseline. Nextorage itself asserts minimum sustained speeds of 3,400 on its product page.

Nextorage also adds that its sustained write speeds are enhanced through highly efficient thermal engineering.

Their manufacturer has highlighted that the new cards include a specially designed internal power-saving feature. Nextorage calls this “Dynamic Auto Power Save”.

The company is vague on the details about how it works but claims that the technology reduces battery drain during prolonged video recording.

Nextorage has introduced four sizes for its NX-B2PRO Type B 4.0 cards and all four have VPG400 certification according to the CFA’s roster of VPG-certified cards.

The smallest of the four offers just 165GB of storage while the next up the chain offers 330GB. Then there’s a 660GB card and finally a 1330GB, (1.33TB) model. All include pSLC NAND flash memory tech.

With all of the above qualities covered, there’s a little bit of (temporary we hope) sad news.

Currently, no consumer cameras that fully integrate with CFexpress Type 4.0 standards are retailing.

This is too bad because the newest development in CFexpress technology is notable for being much faster at transferring data than previous standards. This applies especially if it’s used with CFexpress 4.0 readers.

However, 4.0 cards are backward compatible with older CFexpress hardware and seem to deliver superior performance even with non-4.0 readers.

Nextorage also claims an impressive level of hazard resistance for its new cards. Their resilience is supposed to cover things like heat, impact force, electrostatic shocks and less typical risks including UV radiation and strong magnetic fields.

To underscore the quality of its cards, Nextorage is offering them with five-year warranties too.

Also worth noting is that Nextorage is releasing a new card reader as a complement to its new CFexpress 4.0 card releases. The NX-SB1PRO CFexpress Type B reader offers a maximum promised transfer speed of 5,000MB/s.

Interestingly, this is 1,000MB/s more than the 4,000MB/s that’s the supposed physical limit of CFexpress 4.0.

Nextorage will start shipping its newest 4.0 cards to retailers later in 2024 but hasn’t yet specified a date.

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