How to Hide a Gopro for Concealed Filming

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Hidden GoPro cameras present multiple interpretations when you consider their potential, but by opening your mind, you can truly appreciate the possibilities of your action cam.

GoPros are small, rugged cameras with the best qualities of point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders combined! They continue to evolve over time, with newer models offering improved features with each gadget update.

These tough little devices are popular amongst content creators and outdoor enthusiasts who have the heart to film their activities and share them with their audiences.

This article will give potential ideas on where you can hide your cameras away from prying eyes and possible thieves. GoPros are expensive, and it’s best to hide them from danger.

However, remember that hiding cameras should be based on your specific circumstances, and be sure to note the legal and ethical considerations to avoid getting into trouble.

Can You Use Your GoPro as a Hidden Camera?

Image Credit: Unsplash

If you put a GoPro inside certain locations, they can fully function as hidden cameras.

Here are the pros and cons:


  • Privacy protection: Many people want to avoid drawing attention to their cameras, so they conceal them to maintain their privacy.
  • Theft protection: The latest GoPro camera costs around US$500.00 at local shops. It would be best to keep it at bay from thieves who can sell it off for quick cash.
  • Security and discrete monitoring: A GoPro proves valuable in situations where you require surveillance for security reasons while venturing into remote locations.


  • Limited accessibility: It’ll be inconvenient to get your hidden GoPro whenever you need it, so you’ll have difficulty accessing it to capture spontaneous moments.
  • Impact of video quality: It’s possible that the videos will include shaky footage, reduced video feed quality, and an obstructed view.
  • Risk of damage: If not placed properly, the GoPro camera will have a higher risk of damage from extreme temperatures, moisture, or physical impact that will affect the performance.

Once you’ve weighed up the pros and cons and considered any ethical issues, it’s time to look at the specifics of concealing your GoPro. Let’s take a look.

How to Hide a Mounted GoPro

A mounted GoPro can be placed securely on a surface or object using various mounting accessories.

The key to successfully hiding it is to avoid obvious locations and rely on hiding spots where it can blend seamlessly with the environment.

Think of commonly overlooked places, like corners of rooms, behind specific objects, or within existing fixtures.

Look around and analyze which places would give the camera a secure spot while maintaining a considerable field of view.

If everything is already set up, don’t forget to start recording!

How Do I Hide My GoPro Chest Mount?

A GoPro chest mount is a camera accessory akin to a strap that securely attaches the GoPro camera to the owner’s chest. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hide it:

Choose a discreet chest mount: Numerous designs are available to help camouflage the strap, and your selection will ensure its concealment.

The mount uses a variety of breathable, lightweight materials that can be adjusted to your body type and accessibility.

Modify the chest mount: Customizing your chest mount will give you more advantages in making it hidden.

Try finding some J-hook buckles instead of magnets, helping you avoid the need for visible attachments.

You can also choose a custom stealth skin wrap to match any color or just paint over the camera for extra stealth!

It’ll lessen any light reflection and blend well with the hidden GoPro.

Camouflage or cover: Make sure your clothes can also hide the chest mount.

Try wearing loose-fitting shirts or darker-colored jackets.

It’ll be less noticeable to others when you can choose accessories that blend in.

Strategic placement: The chest might be the best option, but you can always experiment with different angles and positions while checking the video feeds to ensure the safety of the hidden GoPro.

Secure the chest mount: Once you finish the other four, make sure to properly adjust the straps, double-check the fastenings, and check for loose openings that may cause accidents.

Test stability checks are also advised to see what other adjustments need to be made.

How Do I Hide My GoPro in My Backpack?

A gopro hero on a black background.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Backpacks are one of the best places to put your things in while on a hiking trip. How can you effectively hide a GoPro in there?

Choose a suitable backpack: Depending on your trip, look for a backpack with specialized compartments or pockets that can securely hold the GoPro inside.

A well-padded one will ensure that if your GoPro falls in the bag, it won’t break.

There are also backpacks that are designed to hide valuables. These could also be useful for your hidden GoPro!

Hint: Look for these features in the lumbar area of the backpack, or check if your current bags have special electronics compartments.

Positioning and securing: This is where compartments and pockets shine.

You can attach it to a strap or harness inside the backpack to ensure it won’t move from its intended place.

Cable Management: Determine if this is a long trip you must record for long hours.

If it’s a yes, it’s highly suggested that you connect the GoPro to an external power like a power bank.

Keep the cables neatly organized to avoid tangling or wires interfering with the footage.

With everything in place, start recording and walk around certain areas in your room.

Check the footage to see if your hidden GoPro is stable inside without any compromise to it being hidden.

Always make the adjustments!

How Do I Hide My GoPro in a Hat?

A gopro camera and a hat on a blue background.

Image Credit: Unsplash

I know, a hat might sound ridiculous, but with a GoPro in your hand, the possibilities are fun to explore!

However, if you plan to have a spy camera hat, eBay and Amazon are full of them.

You can always resort to this if DIYs are not for you. But, if you’re interested:

Make a DIY hat mount: Do you have a hat that will suit the climate and weather on the day you’ll be using it?

Examples are fedora hats and ushanka.

Once you’ve found your choice of hat, proceed to modify the clip of the GoPro.

Buy a specialized hat mount: If you think the first step is a hassle, buy a hat in the market!

These hats are specialized for a GoPro camera on them.

They have a hidden camera compartment or pockets where you can easily slip your small camera.

They’re designed for covert recording and a convenient option to hide a camera in plain sight.

Remember to always ensure the GoPro is securely attached and won’t come loose!

How Do I Hide My GoPro While Walking?

A person holding a gopro camera at sunset.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Walking around with an expensive GoPro might attract bad flies and put you in danger. How can you hide your GoPro while walking? Here are more tips:

  • Wear clothes with hidden compartments
  • Use a shoulder strap or backpack
  • Use DIY mounts

And you can always resort to these:

  • Be inconspicuous: Walk with your GoPro and blend in with the surroundings.
  • Act as naturally as possible: Try not to draw attention to yourself. Relax and try not to arouse any interest or suspicion from others. The fewer eyes on you, the more people won’t notice the hidden GoPro camera.
  • Position the GoPro strategically: You can attach the GoPro to your waistband or belt and conceal it with accessories.

5 Other Excellent Places to Hide a GoPro

Look at the good side of hiding a GoPro in plain sight!

You want to surprise a family member, and a hidden camera would help capture this special moment.

You can always look back at the video feed you’ve taken and reminisce.

Another possible situation is if you’re in an unfamiliar area and you’re alone. Feeling secure is important.

Concealing a handy tool for potential emergencies can be a wise precaution.

In hotels

A modern hotel room with a bed, couch and tv.

Image Credit: Unsplash

New places giving you bad vibes?

A GoPro camera can be hidden in discreet spots in your hotel room – shelves, air vents, behind decorative items, inside drawers, tissue boxes, clocks, or in a stuffed animal!

Utilize these existing features and secure the mounting in the places you’ve put it.

This will ensure that it’ll still have a clear view.

In cars

A person is holding up a camera in a car.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Cars nowadays are advanced. If you can install a camera for the whole car, this will be easy for you.

However, if you already have a GoPro camera and want to use it, you can always mount it behind the rearview mirror, air vents, or any removable interior panels in your car.

These options can help keep the camera hidden from view while still recording any video feed.

Remember to still prioritize your safety while driving!

In your laundry basket

A woman is holding a basket full of clothes in a laundry room.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Laundry baskets in your home may also be a good hiding spot for your GoPro camera.

Make sure that the camera is in a secured mount and put a few clothes on top that make it blend well. It’s best to choose clothing of a similar color to your GoPro.

Try not to put anything heavy on top so it won’t move or damage your camera.

On bookshelves or kitchen shelves

A person pointing to a book shelf in a library.

Image Credit: Unsplash

For bookshelves, you can take a DIY approach and put the GoPro in a book with a carved space inside.

If that’s too much effort, you can place the hidden GoPro behind decorative items, too.

Make sure that it has a clear view of your desired area.

Concealing a GoPro within kitchen shelves can also serve as a monitoring tool for potential accidents or just to ensure food safety.

As well as bookshelves, you can DIY any kitchen tool, such as a kitchen timer or a salt dispenser!

In a birdhouse decoration

A birdhouse hanging on a tree in a garden.

Image Credit: Unsplash

You’ve wanted to capture and observe the bird that has been visiting your place lately, and perhaps a birdhouse decoration you’ve placed outside might be more useful to birds than you think!

The enclosed style of a traditional birdhouse with a small hole in the front might be a good space.

Again, always ensure that the camera is placed securely and has protective gear around it.

Here are a few bonus ideas:

  • In a plant pot
  • Within a tissue box (cut a small hole for the lens to peek out)
  • In a customized rock or fake rock
  • Behind a vent or in an air conditioning unit
  • Inside a stuffed animal or toy
  • Behind a window curtain or drapes
  • Inside a fake electrical outlet or switch
  • Underneath a desk or table
  • In a garage or shed, among tools
  • Inside a light fixture
  • In sporting equipment

Using Your GoPro as a Hidden Camera: Legal Issues

I highly recommend checking out your local laws and regulations before following any methods I have written in the article.

It’s our responsibility as good citizens to comply with local laws and regulations regarding hidden cameras.

If you’re unsure about some laws, consult local authorities or seek legal advice to ensure that you’re using your gadgets in accordance with the law.

When filming in public and using the recorded video feed for your channels, it is important to ensure that the faces of individuals who have not given consent to be recorded are blurred out.

It’s crucial to respect people’s privacy and avoid capturing sensitive information or recording activities unrelated to safety concerns.

Failing to do so can have negative consequences, such as damaging relationships, public perception, and professional standing.

Legal repercussions are real. It’s important to be aware that there are potential legal consequences to concealing a camera.

It’s not worth jeopardizing your moment of attention or letting anger lead to costly lawsuits that could result in significant financial losses.


Where’s the best place in a room to hide a GoPro?

The best place in a room to hide a GoPro is somewhere that won’t draw attention, such as a bookshelf or behind any inconspicuous object.

The other key is to let the camera blend in with the surroundings.

It’ll also maintain its discretion while providing a good video feed of an area you want to capture.

Which makes a better hidden camera: a GoPro or a security camera?

You have to ask yourself about your own criteria. Why do you need one, and what do you prioritize over the two?

GoPro cameras are known for their compatibility, portability, and wide-angle lenses, which can capture a broader view of the room but are not really optimized for continuous recording.

Security cameras, on the other hand, are specially designed for surveillance purposes.

They offer motion detection, night vision, and remote access as features but do not have the same level of portability and versatility as a GoPro camera.

How do I turn off the LEDs on my GoPro?

Check if you have the camera’s updated firmware, and if not, update it to the latest version.

If it still doesn’t work, look into the GoPro camera settings and control the LED lights in the settings menu to disable it.

If that still doesn’t work, you can reset the camera and refer to the user manual or the GoPro website.

How do I turn off the front screen of my GoPro?

Swipe down on the rear screen of your GoPro camera to display a drop-down menu.

Look for the “Preferences” option to access the camera settings and find the “Disable or turn off the front screen” option.

This usually differs in the GoPro camera model you are using, and you can refer to the GoPro website if it still doesn’t work!

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