Everrati expands Porsche 911 EV conversions with rare 964 RSR

EV conversion specialist Everrati Automotive has introduced a fifth electrified Porsche 911, now offering a cutting-edge version of the ultra-rare 1993 Type 964 RSR 3.8. By implementing an all-electric powertrain, this classic gets better acceleration than the original but still boasts most of the design elements that make it an RSR.

Everrati Automotive Ltd. is a UK-based restoration company that has also established US ties and specialized in converting timeless classics like Porsche 911s to EVs, using unique design cues that blend past and future.

This includes Land Rover Series IIA, the Mercedes-Benz SL W113, aka the “Pagoda,” and even a Land Rover Defender designed specifically to be hauled aboard a yacht. 

Porsche has been a popular brand for Everrati leading up to today’s latest addition. To date, the EV conversion specialist currently offers a portfolio that includes the 911 (964) Coupe, Targa, Cabriolet, and classic ST-inspired model.

For those customers interested in rare, wide-body Porsche 911s from the ’90s, Everrati has something new for you. The company has announced an EV version of a 1993 911 called the Type 964 RSR.

Porsche 911 EV
Rear of the new Porsche 964 RSR EV conversion / Credit: Everrati

Everrati’s Porsche 911 family of EVs continues to grow

Per details from Everrati this morning, its latest Porsche 911 EV conversion is its most driver-focused design yet. Inspired by the 1993 Type 964 RSR 3.8, it comes complete with a carbon fiber body and other weight-saving elements.

The RSR 3.8 is one of the most rare Porsche 964 variants ever built, as only 51 were made. The race-ready 911 variant was a rear-wheel drive, turbo wide-bodied competition car that helped revive the Porsche motorsport brand in the early 1990s.

With its EV conversion, Everrati states it is honoring the legacy of the Porsche Type 964 911 variant by delivering an expertly restored 911 that is “future-proofed” as a sustainable piece of rolling art. Everrati’s RS-inspired version of the 911 has had its rear seats removed, its front seats replaced with lighter-weight versions and a roll cage installed in the rear. Everrati founder and CEO Justin Lunny went on:

This exciting new addition to our range of redefined and electrified 911s is without doubt the most driver-focused yet. Paying homage to a legendary model from three decades ago, our new ‘RSR’ gets pulses racing with a host of lightweight enhancements, resulting in an unrivaled experience that combines the best of classic design with modern, zero-emission, performance.

Like all our models, it features hand-built craftsmanship, with OEM-grade engineering processes, future-proofed via a state-of-the-art electric powertrain. We are committed to preserving the legacy of iconic vehicles while advancing the transition to sustainable luxury mobility. Our expertise in redefined Porsches positions us as the go-to international creator of redefined 911s and iconic cars.

Everrati’s latest Porsche 911 EV conversion features a 63 kWh pack and the company’s second-generation battery management system, offering better performance and efficiency. Combined with electric motors in the rear and a limited-slip differential, the RSR-inspired Porsche EV offers 0-60 mph acceleration in 3.7 seconds and an all-electric range of over 200 miles on a single charge.

Other features include an active and adaptive suspension system, Apple CarPlay and DC fast charging capabilities. Like its 964 siblings, conversions of the RSR 3.8 will be built by Everrati’s production partner, Aria Group, in California and made available for purchase and delivery worldwide. Learn more here.

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